Exterior Sign for Klinedinst Park

Back in July, I was asked by someone to design/produce an exterior sign for a park in a subdivision.  They had an existing sign, but it was in need of an improvement.  Based on the original signs dimensions, I designed a new sign for them that was a little more contemporary to their needs.  We talked about colors and graphics and narrowed down the details over email.  We came up with a design that's V-shaped, so it could be seen from both directions on the road.



The above sign is what came out of those discussions.  The sign was digitally printed and then applied to a material called Sintra.  It's basically a thick, rigid fiberglass material.  The little sign in the center is a backer plate for an attached document holder that will eventually display the park/subdivision's event schedule.  Each larger panel measured 4' tall by 5' wide.  This was a fun project that turned out pretty well and they were very happy with it!  Special thanks to the folks at Prairie Lane Estates for making this all happen!