When All Else Fails, Grab your iPhone

few weeks back, we traveled to Chicago to tour the city.  We stayed on the north side of the city, nestled in a nice home in the suburbs.  That day we had spent time downtown and I had taken a lot of photos of things.  We got back to the house and I took my SD card out of my camera and began downloading the photos.  After dinner, we decided to head to a nearby park that was located on the beach near the lakefront.  We parked the car and walked down the path to the beach, camera in hand, to take in the views.  When we arrived on the beach, little did we know, we were about to experience something special.

We looked up, and there, right in front of us on the pier was a couple.  The gentleman knelt down and made his proposal at that moment.  At first instinct, I grabbed my camera, held up the viewfinder to my eye and went to capture the moment.  


I quickly glanced at the back of my camera and was there an image?  No.  Instead, I got an error message that read 'No SD card Inserted.'  Oh crap.  I cannot confirm nor deny the presence of a few curse words.  I had left my SD card firmly inserted in my laptop which was back at the house.  My only alternative was my iPhone.  So, I quickly reached into my back pocket, grabbed my iPhone and snapped this picture.  


Luckily, I was able to at least capture the moment.  As soon as I took the picture, the gentleman stood up, and the moment was gone.  (Yes, she accepted his proposal.)  

What I learned:

1.  My SD card needs to learn how to run not walk. 
2. No, it needs to learn warp speed, which is around the speed of light.
3. No, wait!  Trans-warp Beaming!  Yes, that's it.  Thanks Scotty.
4. Carry your phone.
5. Because you just never know.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!