Hanke-Harrity Family Portraits

April and May went by in a quick blink, and June is looking quite similar.  I feel like I need to rewind a bit, and replay the last several weeks that came and went to relive some of the brighter moments.
Over Easter weekend, I had the privilege to photograph two wonderful families, the Hankes and Harritys, at the University of Notre Dame.  The weather was kind to us that day and we shot in a few different places around campus.  

After we finished shooting near the Dome, we decided to move down by the lakes and the Grotto.  


Once the more important photos were done, they decided they wanted to just let the kids run around and let me capture them doing their own things.  


Keeping up with children these days is no easy feat.  I wish I could take their energy and bottle it for later use.  I'd have a whole pantry stocked with nothing but energy bottles!  All in all it was a great day.  Special thanks to Megan and Maura for giving me the opportunity to share the day with them!