Why Squarespace Rocks

We've all struggled with web design, right?  How many times have you read lines of code, searching for the right tweak or the end bracket that you were missing?  And don't forget that backslash on the end.  I still don't fully understand cell padding, or why they even call it that.  Over the years, I experimented with different tools like Fireworks, Flash, Frontpage and Dreamweaver as solutions to online publishing.  Heck, I remember typing code in SimpleText on my old Mac when I first started trying to publish my artwork online.

As a designer and photographer, when you create something, you want to share it.  The easiest way to do that is the web.  I mean, using Blogger is easy, right?  I kept thinking, why doesn't someone make a tool like that you can use that eliminates all that frustration with web editing and just works?  I want to spend time shooting, editing and designing, not figuring out why my navigation bar won't align correctly.  I just wanted my site to look good, represent my work and be easy to update.

In late 2012, I began hearing more and more about an online site publisher called Squarespace.  As the positive reviews poured in, I decided to try it myself for a little while.  They offer a free trial period for 15 days and then you can pull the trigger on an annual or monthly subscription.  In under 15 minutes, my site was designed, published and configured in a way that looked great!  And the only reason it took longer was because I was indecisive about which images I wanted to use!  That was honestly the hardest part.  Editing and updating the site all of a sudden became a breeze.  Need a gallery or two? Let's do three, or eight!  No problem.  Want a blog?  Sure!  How about a link to your Facebook page?  Gimme something harder.  I know!  A page for selling products?  That's right...they do that too. It's all there.  Waiting.  One.  Click.  Away.

No more uploading files to a remote FTP server.  No more referencing your CSS in the right HTML file.  No more banging your head against your desk because your site only looks right in Firefox or Chrome and not in I.E.  No more aching head.  Did I mention that I wrote this blog post using their mobile app on an iPad?

They also have partnered with Smugmug. I'll get to why that's bathed in awesome in my next post. I was not paid to write this. I am simply trying to spread the word on good things I come across that make my life easier.

Want a great, contemporary looking site that will showcase your work or business?  For less then $10 a month, you can.  I'm 9 months in and I love it.  Try it for over 2 weeks free at www.squarespace.com.  Stop banging your head.  It's got to be hurting by now.  I'll be right here waiting for your celebratory fist bump.